Physical FUNCTION as the main focus of physical therapy

The experts at FUNKTION Physiotherapy offer specific, efficient and evidence-based physical therapy. 


Our main areas of expertise are: 


  • non-surgical and post-surgical treatment of injuries to the periphal joints, especially the knee, hip, ankle and shoulder
  • treatment of spine-related problems, low back pain, disc herniations and bulging discs
  • treatment of mobility restrictions
  • treatment of joint instabilities
  • treatment of overuse syndromes
  • injury prevention in sports
  • sports-specific rehabilitation and exercise therapy
  • manual therapy


Physical therapy aims at restoring physical function, thereby mainly concentrating on three cornerstones:


First, we use specific, goal-oriented physical activity, for example strength training for active joint stabilization.


Second, we use manual therapy techniques, for example for the specific restoration of jont range of motion. 


Third, we build on informing our patients specifically about their problems, thereby empowering them to understand their condition and adapt their lives to it.


In order to cater exactly to your needs and enable us to help you as specifically as possible, a very precise identification of the problem is absolutely neccessary. Therefore, your first session at FUNKTION Physiotherapie will include a very thorough physical examination by the physical therapist. Please bring along all kinds of information (X-Rays, MRIs, surgery protocols,...) that you have.


In Austria, we as physical therapists need a doctor's prescription to be authorized to work with you. if your physician deems physical therapy as helpful for you, please ask him for a prescription that says "10 x 45 Minuten Physiotherapie". This does not mean that you have to have 10 sessions. Please check with your health insurance provider for reimbursement of costs. One session at FUNKTION Physiotherapy is 70€.


All therapists working at FUNKTION Physiotherapie have good to excellent english language skills, making us an ideal partner for international patients.


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